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GSE146526: Microglial transcriptome of Maternal Immune Activation model at different developmental Stages and after microglia repopulation

Bulk RNA sequencing

To determine the transcriptomic changes underlying the MIA microglia phenotype and their reversal by PLX, we performed RNA-sequencing of magnetic CD11B beads-isolated microglia from the whole brain in Saline and MIA male and female offspring at E17, P7, P20, and P60, as well as from MG-REP male and female offspring at P60. Microglial transcriptome reveals novel MIA and repopulation modules and overlap of MIA microglial genes with ASD gene network. 14,225 microglial genes from RNA-seq data revealed distinct transcriptional signatures of immature microglia (IM module, 4681 transcripts, enriched in E17 and P7 Saline), MIA immature microglia (MIA-IM module, 2816 transcripts, enriched in E17 and P7 MIA), Juvenile microglia (JM module, 2318 transcripts, enriched in P20 Saline and MIA), Adult microglia (AM module, 3276 transcripts, enriched in P60 Saline+CTRL, P60 MIA+CTRL and P60 MIA+MG-REP), and repopulated adult microglia (REP-AM module, 1,134 transcripts, enriched in P60 Saline+MG-REP) SOURCE: Tsuneya Ikezu ( - Laboratory of Molecular NeuroTherapeutics Boston University School of Medicine

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