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GSE144313: RNA-seq and Ribo-seq of WT and METTL5 KO mECS.

Bulk RNA sequencing

Covalent chemical modifications of cellular RNAs directly impact all biological processes. However, our mechanistic understanding of the enzymes catalysing these modifications, their substrates and biological functions remains vague.Here, we undertook a systematic screen to uncover new RNA methyltransferases. We demonstrate that the methyltransferase-like 5 (METTL5) protein catalyses m6A in18SrRNA at position A1832. We report that absence ofMettl5inmouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) results in a changes gene expression, decrease in translation rate, spontaneous loss of pluripotency and compromised differentiation potential. Mice lacking METTL5 recapitulate symptoms of patients with METTL5 mutations, thereby providing a new mouse disease model. Overall, our workhighlights the importance of m6A in rRNA in stemness, differentiation, development and diseases. SOURCE: Robert Schneider ( - Institute of Functional Epigenetics, Helmholtz Zentrum M�nchen, Deutsches Forschungszentrum fuer Gesundheit und Umwelt (GmbH)

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