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GSE131858: Low input RNA sequencing of GPR35-positive and negative intestinal macrophages

Bulk RNA sequencing

Aim: We aimed to determine differences in transcriptional profiles of GPR35-positive and negative macrophages in the steady state intestine.; Method: Corresponding subpopulations were sorted by FACS from intestinal lamina propria cells of unmanipulated wild-type C56BL/6 mice. RNA from 4 replicates of each group were sequenced and analyzed.; Result: GPR35 positive macrophages are transcriptionally distinct from GPR35 negative macrophages overall with 2798 downregulated and 2773 upregulated genes, and regarding cytokine expression profile with higher Il1b, Tnf and Il10 mRNA expressions.; Conclusion: Our study reports the first analysis on transcriptional charasteristics of intestinal macrophages depending on their GPR35 expression providing insights into the function of GPR35 in these cells. SOURCE: Florian Geier ( - University of Basel

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