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GSE146639: Bulk and single cell sequencing (bc-Smart-seq2 and 10XGenomics) of human microglia from post mortem AD CNS tissue

Bulk RNA sequencing

Microglia are the tissue-resident macrophages of the central nervous system (CNS). Recent studies based on bulk and single-cell RNA sequencing in mice indicate high relevance of microglia with respect to risk genes and neuro-inflammation in Alzheimers disease. Here, we investigated microglia transcriptomes at bulk and single cell level in non-demented elderly and AD donors using acute human post-mortem cortical brain samples. We identified 7 human microglial subpopulations with heterogeneity in gene expression. Notably, gene expression profiles and subcluster composition of microglia did not differ between AD donors and non-demented elderly in bulk RNA sequencing nor in single-cell sequencing. SOURCE: Bart Eggen ( - Section Molecular Neurobiology UMCG Groningen

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