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GSE141696: Therapeutic modulation of nemo-like kinase in primary and acquired endocrine-resistant breast cancer

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: To assess if NLK modulates ER target gene expression, we performed transcriptome sequencing following NLK inhibition or tamoxifen treatment in the BT483 or T47D-TamR cells under estrogen-deprived condition.; Methods: BT483 and T47D-TamR cells were treated with NLK-specific siRNAs or VX-702, or Tamoxifen under estrogen-deprived condition to examine the expression profile changes of ER target genes. NovaSeq 6000 S2 Reagent Kit (Illumina) was used for paired-end reads (2150 bp) sequencing reactions. The expression changes of ER target genes following NLK inhibition are compared to their changes following tamoxifen treatment.; Results: Our results show that the ER target gene expression changes following NLK silencing or VX-702 treatment significantly correlate with their expression changes following tamoxifen treatment. SOURCE: Xiaosong Wang ( - Cagenome University of Pittsburgh

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