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GSE141708: mRNA profiles of human Dedifferentiated Adipose Cells and Adipose-derived stem cells in young donors

Bulk RNA sequencing

Dedifferentiated Fat Cells (DAs) and Adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) are two main stem cells derived from adipose tissue. In order to explore whether there is difference in transcriptome between the two cells after multiple subcultures, and which kind of cell should be selected for different regenerative aim, high-throughput RNAseq were conducted to find differentially expressed genes. The subcutaneous adipose tissue of three young women (23-30 years old)patients with normal BMI (19-24) were obtained during liposuction operation on abdomen or thigh. Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) and adipocytes were obtained by collagenase digestion, ADSCs was cultured regularly, and DAs were cultured by a modified ceiling culture method. Only 186 genes with different expression between the two groups were obtained.The downregulated gene number of DAs vs. ADSCs was 112 and the upregulated number was 74. Many of the differentially expressed genes are involved in the biological functions such as transcription regulator, protein translation regulation, cytokine interaction and energy metabolism regulation. These data may provide a foundation for further clinical administration of stem cells derived from adipose tissues. SOURCE: Fangfei Nie ( - Peking university third hospital

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