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GSE121637: Single-cell sequencing of peripheral blood and tumor-infiltrating immune cells in renal clear cell carcinoma [VDJ sequencing]

Bulk RNA sequencing

In order to investigate heterogeneity and dynamics of cancer-associated immune cells, we performed single-cell sequencing on peripheral and tumor-infiltrating immune cells in three renal clear cell carcinoma patients. We chose renal clear cell carcinoma tumors based on the responsive of these tumors to immune checkpoint blockade in the context of low mutational loads, which implies a strong influence from the tumor microenvironment. Using the 10x Genomic 5 expression platform a total of 25,672 immune cells were isolated and passed filtering for quality control, with 13,433 cells from peripheral blood and 12,239 tumor-infiltrating cells. In addition, we used the Chromium Single Cell V(D)J kit to enrich for T cell receptor sequences for nearly 10,000 T cells in with accompanying expression information, allowing for the investigation of clonality and transcriptional phenotypic diversity.; We generated a comprehensive immune profile using single-cell RNA-seq data from 25,000 immune cells from three renal cell carcinoma along with matched peripheral blood. In addition, we performed VDJ sequencing on the isolated single T cells. SOURCE: Weizhou Zhang ( - Zhang Lab The University of Iowa

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