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GSE104820: Opposing roles of dendritic cells subsets in experimental GN

Bulk RNA sequencing

Classical dendritic cells (DCs) are key players at the interface between innate and adaptive immunity. In the kidney exist 2 major subsets of cDCs: CD11b+ cDCs and CD103+ cDCs. We investigated their function in the most widely used model of experimental glomerulonephritis (GN) in mice: nephrotoxic nephritis (NTN). Consistent with a role for cDCs in nephrotoxic nephritis, depletion of ZBTB46+ cells (all cDCs) attenuated kidney injury, while deficiency of the CD103+ subset of cDCs accelerated injury via a mechanism that involved increased neutrophils. This RNAseq was performed to analyze transcriptional changes in FACS-sorted renal CD11b+ and CD103+ cDCs under healthy conditions and at day 7 of NTN to reveal why both subsets have different functions in GN. SOURCE: Sebastian Brähler ( - University Hospital of Cologne

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