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GSE104701: RNAseq analysis of bone marrow endothelial cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

Although endothelial cells (ECs) have been shown to contribute to HSC maintenance in bone marrow (BM), differential contributions of EC subtypes remain unknown, owing to the lack of methods to separate with high purity arterial (AEC) from sinusoidal (SEC) endothelial cells. We show that combination of podoplanin (PDPN) and Sca-1 expression distinguishes AEC from SEC where Sca1brightPDPNCD45Ter119 cells exhibit an arterial gene signature and PDPN+Sca1dimCD45Ter119 marks sinusoids. PDPN can be substituted for antibodies against the adhesion molecules ICAM1 or E-selectin that also mark SEC. We performed functional analysis of these different types of endothelial cells and found that SCF secreated from AECs regulate HSCs. SOURCE: Chunliang Xu Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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