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GSE138807: Comparative RNAseq of Mouse Parp3+/+ and Parp3-/- Neural Stem Progenitor Cells (NPSC)

Bulk RNA sequencing

To identify the biological pathways underlying impaired differentiation of Parp3-deficient NPSC to astrocytes, RNAseq of the Parp3+/+ and Parp3-/- astrocytes were performed 4 days upon differentiation. Briefly, NPSC were isolated from the forebrains of Parp3+/+ and Parp3-/- 8-day-old mice. Viable single cells were induced to differentiate into astrocytes for 4 days and samples were collected for total RNA isolation and RNA sequencing. SOURCE: Fran├žoise DANTZER ( - Biotechnology and Cell Signaling CNRS

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