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GSE128914: RNA-Seq of LEF1 overexpression ECA109 cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

RNA-seq was performed on three biological replicates. Total RNA from ECA109 LV-GFP/LV-LEF1.Differentially expression genes were considered to be significant between groups when the P-value was <0.05 and the fold change of expression was 2-fold or 0.5-fold. By this way, the RNA-Seq data showed the differential expression genes in LEF1 overexpression ECA109 cells compared with NC cells. Furthermore, Gene ontology (GO) analysis was performed to facilitate elucidating the biological implications of the differentially expressed genes in the experiment. Pathway analysis was used to find out the significant pathway of the differentially expressed genes according to KEGG database. In conclusion, our study represents the first detailed analysis of LEF1 transcriptomes in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells. SOURCE: Yue Zhao ( - Changhai Hospital

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