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GSE90069: Transcriptional signature of human mesoangioblasts from different fetal tissues.

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: We performed comparative transcriptome analysis of mesoangioblasts (MABs) derived from different cardiovascular or skeletal muscle tissues to determine possible gene signatures underlying their specific differentation capacities and define future appropriate cell therapy applications.; Methods: RNA was extracted from human fetal mesoangioblasts derived from Aorta, Atrium, Ventricle and Skeletal muscle (Ao, A, V and Sk) in proliferative conditions. Deep sequencing was used to determine quantitative gene expression between the different cell populations.; Results: MABs derived from different tissues show differences in their transcriptome profile, despite their common ebryologic origin and isolation using common caracterization markers. The expression by Sk MABs of key cardiogenic genes (i.e. Isl1, TBX2) and the identification of active signaling pathways will serve for future skeletal to cardiac differentiation protocols.; Conclusion: Cardiogenic Sk MABs may thus represent a easily accessible cell source for cardiac regeneration. SOURCE: Sylvain LEMEILLE University of Geneva Medical School

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