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GSE153183: Gene expression profiling of drug-tolerant persister PC9 non-small cell lung cancer cells derived from osimertinib treatment

Bulk RNA sequencing

Targeting drug tolerant persister (DTP) cells may present a therapeutic opportunity to eliminate residual surviving tumor cells and impede relapse. We sought to identify therapeutically exploitable vulnerabilities in DTP cells using the EGFR-mutant non-small cell lung cancer cell line PC9 as an experimental model. Here we provide RNAseq gene expression profiling data generated from parental PC9 cells compared to PC9 DTP cells generated from nine days of treatment with 2 uM osimertinib. These data can be used to identify genes and pathways which are upregulated in DTP cells, revealing potential therapeutic targets. SOURCE: Meng Nie ( - Tsinghua University

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