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GSE155182: Single cell RNA seq of hepatic and renal p16 positive cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

We performed the single cell RNA sequencing of mouse normal kidney, normal liver, and NASH-induced liver from p16-tdTomato mice. In order to enrich p16 positive cells, we independently sorted the non-separated cells (including both of p16 positive and negative cells) and p16 positive cells alone through tdTomato intensity by FACS. By obtaining 13,876 single cell transcripts, after the graph-based clustering and marker genes defined cell type classification, we identified the heterogeneity of in vivo p16-positive cells which dispersedly existed in renal cells and non-parenchymal hepatic cells. Differential expressing genes (DEGs) comparisons for each cell type were feasible to study the in vivo p16 dependent transcriptomic pattern change. Finally, we verified several cell type specific senescence-like phenotypes which were previously found on in vitro cellular senescence, and also identified the p16-related subpopulation which might involve in NASH progression and renal damage response. SOURCE: Satotaka Omori ( - the university of Tokyo

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