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GSE65487: Identification and Expression Patterns of Novel Long Non-Coding RNAs in Neural Progenitors of the Developing Mammalian Cortex

Bulk RNA sequencing

Long non-coding (lnc)RNAs play key roles in many biological processes. Elucidating the function of lncRNAs in cell type specification during organ development requires knowledge about their expression in individual progenitor types rather than in whole tissues. To achieve this during cortical development, we used a dual-reporter mouse line to isolate coexisting proliferating neural stem cells, differentiating neurogenic progenitors and newborn neurons and assessed the expression of lncRNAs by paired-end, high-throughput sequencing. We identified 379 genomic loci encoding novel lncRNAs and performed a comprehensive assessment of cell-specific expression patterns for all, annotated and novel, lncRNAs described to date. Our study provides a powerful new resource for studying these elusive transcripts during stem cell commitment and neurogenesis. SOURCE: Federico Calegari ( - Calegari Lab TU Dresden

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