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GSE65337: RNA-sequencing of Postnatal Day 10 Wild-type and Nfix KO Subventricular Zone-derived Primary Monolayer-cultured Neural Stem Cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: To study the mechanisms involved in the regulation by NFIX on neural stem cell development and to examine the transcriptome changes associated with the loss of NFIX in neural stem cells.; Methods: Subventricular zones of 10-day-old wild-type and Nfix KO mice were sectioned and dissociated into single cells. Cells were cultured in proliferation condition for 10 days. RNA was purified and poly-A selected to build the library for RNA-seq.; Conclusions: Our study represents the first detailed analysis of transcriptome changes in primary monolayer-cultured neural stem cells associated with the loss of NFIX. SOURCE: Bo Zhou ( - Gronostajski University at Buffalo

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