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GSE134214: RNA-Seq analysis of prostate cancer cell line PC-3 treated with siRNA control (siCont) and siELL2

Bulk RNA sequencing

Toidentifythegenesassociatedwith the knockdownof ELL2.PC-3 mRNAprofilesofcellstreatedwithRNAinterference ELL2 comparedtonon-targetedcontrolsiRNA were tested usingRNA seq.RNAisolationwasperformedusingRNeasy Plus Mini kit. In this study, we identified 1939 differentially expressed genes associated with ELL2 deletion. Of these transcripts,1579 genes involve in cancer, while 695 genes are asscoicated with cell death and survival.Bioinformatics analysis indicated that ELL2 knockdown activates the IFN-STAT1-IRF1 signaling pathway, which is known to play important roles in prostate cancer. SOURCE: Uma Chandran ( - University of Pittsburgh

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