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GSE123491: Gene expression profiling in the white matter with oligodendroglial stage-specfic activation or inhibition of ErbB receptors

Bulk RNA sequencing

To gain insight of how ErbB signaling in oligodendroglial progenitor cell to newly-formed oligodendrocyte stages (OPC-NFOs) regulated adolescent oligodendroglial development, we did RNA-seq analyses of subcortical white matter tissues isolated from Sox10-ErbB2V664E mice or Sox10-dnEGFR mice and their littermate controls after doxycycline treatment, respectively. Both mice were revealed hypomyelination although OPC proliferation or survival were differently altered in them. For each group we sequenced three pairs of samples, and revealed 2298 genes that had altered expression in the white matter of Sox10-ErbB2V664E mice, as well as 1184 genes that had altered expression in that of Sox10-dnEGFR mice. By comparing the two groups of genes, we identified 50 genes which had opposite expression tendency in the two mouse lines which was potentially involved in ErbB signaling and contributed to regulation of OPC proliferation and survival. Meanwhile, we identified 68 genes which exhibited similar expression tendency in Sox10-ErbB2V664E and Sox10-dnEGFR mice which had potential in the regulation of central myelination. SOURCE: Yanmei Tao ( - Hangzhou Normal University

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