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GSE118290: RNA-seq in livers of wild-type (WT) controls, PiZ and PIZ mice deleted for Chop (PiZ/Chop-/-)

Bulk RNA sequencing

Transgenic PiZ mice have been genetically engineered to express ATZ and have been a valuable experimental model for liver disease due to AAT polymerization. ATZ accumulates in these mice within the endoplamic reticulum (ER) of hepatocytes in a nearly identical manner to livers of affected patients. To investigate the role of the transcription factor CHOP in the pathogenesis of liver damage induced by ATZ, we performed RNA-seq in livers of 6-week-old wild type, PiZ and PiZ mice deleted for Chop. All groups were matched for the strain, age, and the gender. SOURCE: Annamaria Carissimo ( - Tigem

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