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GSE64684: Direct Reprogramming of Fibroblasts into Stable and Fully Functional Trophoblast Stem-like Cells by Defined Factors

Bulk RNA sequencing

The generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and the direct conversion approach provide an invaluable resource of cells for disease modeling, drug screening, and patient-specific cell-based therapy. However, while iPSCs are stable and resemble ESCs in their transcriptome, methylome and function, the vast majority of the directly converted cells represent an incomplete reprogramming state as evident by their aberrant transcriptome and transgene dependency. This raises the question of whether complete and stable nuclear reprogramming can be achieved only in pluripotent cells. Here we demonstrate the generation of stable and fully functional induced trophoblast stem cells (iTSCs) by transient expression of Gata3, Tfap2c and Eomes. Similarly to iPSCs, iTSCs underwent a complete and stable reprogramming process as assessed by transcriptome and methylome analyses and functional assays such as the formation of hemorrhagic lesion and placenta contribution. Careful examination of the conversion process indicated that the cells did not go through a transient pluripotent state. These results suggest that complete nuclear reprograming can be attained in non-pluripotent cells. SOURCE: Yossi buganim ( - Buganim The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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