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GSE144120: PLCG2 Regulates Divergent Microglial Functions via TREM2-Dependent and -Independent Signaling

Bulk RNA sequencing

We use genetically engineered human iPSC-derived microglia-like cells (iMG) to show that TREM2 signals through PLC2 to mediate cell survival, phagocytosis, and lipid metabolism following myelin challenge. Loss of TREM2 or PLC2 signaling leads to a shared signature of transcriptional dysregulation that underlies these phenotypes. However, PLC2 also signals downstream of Toll-like receptors to mediate inflammatory responses in a TREM2-independent manner. Therefore, PLC2 activity regulates divergent microglial functions via distinct TREM2-dependent and -independent signaling and may be involved in the transition to a microglial state associated with neurodegenerative disease. SOURCE: Thomas Sandmann ( - Denali Therapeutics

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