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GSE64510: Analysis of Nestin-GFP+ pericytes from adipose tissue: PDGFRa wild type versus PDGFRa+/D842V (constitutively active mutant)

Bulk RNA sequencing

Analysis of Nestin-GFP+ pericytes flow sorted from 3-day-old mouse cutaneous adipose tissue, comparing controls with wild type PDGFRa, and mutants with increased PDGFRa signaling driven by a Cre/lox-inducible D842V knockin mutation in the PDGFRa kinase domain. The control cells have adipogenic properties in vitro or when transplanted subcutaneously into recipient mice. The D842V mutant cells show altered behavior in the same assays, with poor adipogenic differentiation but a propensity to transition into profibrotic cells that secrete collagen SOURCE: Mikhail Dozmorov ( - Virginia Commonwealth University

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