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GSE64357: Knockout mice reveal an essential role for Epithelial splicing regulatory proteins (Esrps) in mammalian development and epithelial splicing in vivo

Bulk RNA sequencing

Tissue- and cell-type specific regulators of alternative splicing (AS) are an essential layer of posttranscriptional gene regulation necessary for normal cellular function, patterning, and development. Here we report the Epithelial splicing regulatory proteins (Esrps) are required for patterning of multiple organs, with loss of both paralogs, Esrp1 and Esrp2, resulting in increasingly severe phenotypes. Global profiling of the Esrp splicing regulatory network from total epidermis revealed varied splicing sensitivity of Esrp targets upon loss of Esrp1 or double knockout. This may explain the progressive phenotypes seen in Esrp knockout mice, and these mice provide a unique genetic tool to evaluate functional consequences of epithelial splicing events in vivo. SOURCE: Yi Xing UCLA

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