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GSE62854: PER2 synchronizes mitotic expansion and decidual transformation of human endometrial stromal cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

Implantation is dependent on synchronized interactions between the conceptus and surrounding decidual cells but the involvement of clock genes in this process is not well understood. Circadian oscillations are predicated on transcriptional-translational feedback loops, which balance the activities of the transcriptional activators CLOCK and BMAL1 and repressors encoded by PER and CRY genes. Here we show that loss of PER2 expression silences circadian oscillations in decidualizing human endometrial stromal cells (HESCs). Downregulation was preceded by reduced CLOCK binding to a noncanonical E-box enhancer in the PER2 promoter and occurred between 12 - 24 h after exposure to a deciduogenic stimulus. RNA sequencing revealed that premature inhibition of PER2 by siRNA knockdown leads to a grossly disorganised decidual response. Gene ontology analysis highlighted a preponderance of cell cycle regulators amongst the 1,121 genes perturbed upon PER2 knockdown. Congruently, PER2 inhibition abrogated mitotic expansion of differentiating HESCs by inducing cell cycle block at G2/M. Analysis of mid-luteal endometrial biopsies revealed an inverse correlation between PER2 transcript levels and the number of miscarriages in women suffering reproductive failure. Thus, PER2 synchronizes mitotic expansion of HESCs with a periodic decidual gene expression; uncoupling of these events may cause persistent pregnancy failure. SOURCE: Jan,J,Brosens ( - Division of Reproductive Health University of Warwick

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