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GSE144093: RNA-seq analysis of transcriptomes in control and LAMP2A-overexpressed D3 ES cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

The role of autophagy and metabolism in regulating the pluripotency of stem cells is not well understood. LAMP2A is a key gene in CMA. Here we compared transcriptomic changes in LAMP2A-overexpressed D3 versus control cells, as well as changes in LAMP2A-overexpressed cells with versus without DM-KG treatment (4mM, 72 hrs). We found that overexpression of LAMP2A leads to decreased expression of genes related to stem cell differentiation, and this can be largely restored by DM-KG supplement. This study provides a promising link for autophagy, metabolism, and pluripotency of stem cells. SOURCE: Xiaolu Yang University of Pennsylvania

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