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GSE117972: Developmentally regulated isoform of HNF4 reprograms the adult liver

Bulk RNA sequencing

Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4 (HNF4), master regulator of hepatocyte differentiation, is regulated by two promoters (P1 and P2). P1-HNF4 but not P2-HNF4 is expressed in normal adult liver while both P1- and P2-HNF4 are expressed in fetal liver and liver cancer. To determine the physiological function of the HNF4 isoforms, we compared P2-HNF4-expressing exon swap mice to wildtype (WT) using RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, proteomics, protein binding microarrays (PBMs) and metabolomics. P2-HNF4 orchestrates a distinct transcriptomic and metabolomic profile. SOURCE: Jonathan,Robert,Deans ( - Sladek Lab University of California Riverside

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