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GSE143959: Defining a critical Nanog enhancer using chromatin-focused approaches identifies RNAPII recruitment as required for expression [-5delRNASeq]

Bulk RNA sequencing

Transcriptional enhancers have been defined by their ability to operate independent of distance and orientation in plasmid reporters rather than native chromatin. We employed a combination of approaches to investigate the Nanog locus in mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and an associated cis regulatory element (CRE) which may operate as either a super-enhancer (SE) or alternative promoter. We establish this element is a SE within chromatin using distance- and orientation-independence as criteria, and that it regulates Nanog by recruiting and/or initiating RNA Polymerase II. Our work highlights that enhancers can regulate gene expression through a diverse set of mechanisms. SOURCE: Sridhar Rao ( - BloodCenter of Wisconsin

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