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GSE123943: SOX11 knockdown in B-ALL cell lines

Bulk RNA sequencing

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is marked by aberrant transcriptional features that alter cell differentiation, self-renewal and proliferative features. We sought to identify transcription factors that exhibit altered and subtype-specific expression pattern in B-ALL, and report here that SOX11, a developmental and neuronal TF is aberrantly expressed in the ETV6-RUNX1 and TCF3-PBX1 subtypes of acute B-cell leukemias. We show that high expression of SOX11 leads to alterations of gene expression that are typically associated with cell adhesion, migration and differentiation. High expression is associated with DNA hypomethylation at SOX11 locus and a favourable outcome. The results indicate that SOX11 expression marks a group of patients with good therapy response, and thereby incentivise further study of its use as a biomarker. SOURCE: Saara Laukkanen University of Tampere

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