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GSE62432: Comparative transcriptomic analysis of self-organized, in vitro generated optic tissues

Bulk RNA sequencing

Embryonic stem (ES) cells have a remarkable capacity to self-organize complex, multi-layered optic cups in vitro via a culture technique called SFEBq. During both SFEBq and in vivo optic cup development, Rax (Rx) expressing neural retina epithelial (NRE) tissues utilize Fgf and Wnt/-catenin signalling pathways to differentiate into neural retina (NR) and retinal-pigmented epithelial (RPE) tissues, respectively. How these signaling pathways affect gene expression during optic tissue formation has remained largely unknown, especially at the transcriptome scale. SOURCE: Munazah Andrabi ( - Genome Resource and Analysis Unit RIKEN:Center for Developmental Biology

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