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GSE61716: Transcriptional perturbations by long noncoding RNAs with distinct spatio-temporal expression in the mammalian brain

Bulk RNA sequencing

Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been implicated in numerous cellular processes including brain development. Yet the in vivo expression dynamics and molecular pathways regulated by these molecules are less well understood. Here, we leveraged a cohort of 13 lncRNA null-mutant mouse models to investigate the spatio-temporal expression of lncRNAs in the developing and adult brain. We observed a wide range of different spatio-temporal expression profiles in the brain. Several lncRNAs are differentially expressed both in time and space, and others present highly restricted expression in only selected brain regions. We further explore the consequent transcriptome alterations after loss of these lncRNA loci, and demonstrate altered regulation of a large variety of cellular pathways and processes. We further found that 6/13 lncRNA null-mutant strains significantly affect the expression of several neighboring protein-coding genes, in a cis-like manner. This resource provides insight into the expression patterns and potential effect of lncRNA loci in the developing and adult mammalian brain, and allows future examination of the specific functional relevance of these genes in neural development, brain function, and disease.; We have sequenced wildtype and mutant whole brains from a cohort of 13 lncRNA knockout mouse strains at two developmetal timepoints (E14.5 and adult). SOURCE: Abbie Groff ( - John Rinn Harvard University

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