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GSE132694: Deciphering molecular mechanisms of MEIS1-mediated prostate tumor suppression through RNAseq and ChIPseq - RNAseq data

Bulk RNA sequencing

We conducted RNA-sequencing to determine MEIS1-mediated gene regulation in prostate cancer cells because phenotypic data has demonstrated that expression of MEIS1 is sufficient to slow tumor growth and metastatic colonization in vitro and in vivo. These analyses compared global gene expression of CWR22Rv1-Control and CWR22Rv1-LV-MEIS1, as well as the HOXB13ko and HOXB13ko-LV-MEIS1 cells to precisely delineate MEIS1 and HOXB13-regulated genes. Importantly, inclusion of HOXB13ko lines enabled determination of HOXB13-associated gene regulation, as well as identification of significant changes between LV-MEIS1 vs. Control that are HOXB13-independent and thus unrelated to tumor suppression. Are samples are from CWR-22Rv1 cells. Control denotes cells with constitutive expression of Cas9, but with no gRNA provided. Control cells have nearly undetectable levels of endogenous MEIS1 expression, but do express HOXB13. LV-MEIS1 denotes cells with exogenous lentiviral expression of MEIS1, and they still express endogenous HOXB13. HOXB13ko denotes cells where HOXB13 was knocked out using CRISPR, 6 cell clones were isolated with confirmed HOXB13 knockout by western blot and pooled together into one line, so these cells lack both MEIS1 and HOXB13. HOXB13ko-LV-MEIS1 denotes cells where the same lentiviral expression of MEIS1 was infected into the HOXB13ko cell pool, so these cells are positive for MEIS1 expression and negative for HOXB13. SOURCE: Donald,J,Vander Griend ( - COMRB 5040 University of Illinois at Chicago

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