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GSE103353: The mRNA alteration in HT22 cells induced by the overexpression of long noncoding RNA AK046375

Bulk RNA sequencing

We overexpressed the lncRNA-AK046375 by lentivirus in HT22 cells, which were immortalized from the mice hippocampal neurons. Then we measured the mRNA alteration induced by AK046375 overexpression through the next generation sequencing technique (RNA-seq). A total of 20,319 transcripts were detected in the current sequencing study, in which 1342 transcripts were selected out according to the criteria: |log2(fold change)| > 1, P < 0.05 (717 up-regulated and 625 down-regulated). To explore whether the mRNA change induced by AK046375 overexpression in a stressed culture condition was different from that in normal condition, the cells were dealt with oxygen-glucose-deprived(OGD) and followed by RNA-seq. A total of 22,016 transcripts were detected, in which 87 transcripts were significantly up-regulated and 131 transcripts were significantly down-regulated according to the aforementioned filter rules. SOURCE: Zhong Jianjun ( - The first Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University

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