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GSE112540: RNA deep sequencing from murine BALB/c WT and IL-2-KO bulk CD8 T cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

Our goal was to identify early genetic changes in the development of autoimmune dysfunction. WT and IL-2-KO CD8 T cells were sorted from the lymph node and spleen of 12-day old mice. Total RNA was isolated by Expression Analysis Inc. using Illumina TrueSeq Stranded Total RNA Sample Preparation Kit. Eight samples were sequenced (four biological replicates of IL-2-KO and WT/HET mice), producing 2X50 paired-end reads using the Illumine HiSeq 2500 platform. Raw reads were provided by Expression Analysis. We identified several genetic signatures within the bulk data including a cytolyic pattern and a novel gene expression pattern indicating a helper-like function. SOURCE: Katrina Hoyer ( - University of California, Merced

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