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GSE126205: PDGFR and SMA mark two distinct mesenchymal cell populations involved in parenchymal and vascular remodeling in pulmonary fibrosis

Bulk RNA sequencing

We utilized a fate-mapping approach to investigate alpha-smooth muscle actin (SMA)+ and platelet derived growth factor-alpha (PDGFR)+ cells in two lung fibrosis models, complemented by cell-type specific next-generation sequencing and investigations on human lungs. Our data revealed that SMA+ and PDGFR+ cells mark two distinct mesenchymal lineages with minimal transdifferention potential during lung fibrotic remodeling. Parenchymal and perivascular fibrotic regions were populated predominantly with PDGFR+ cells expressing collagen, while SMA+ cells in the parenchyma and vessel wall showed variable expression of collagen and the contractile protein desmin. The distinct gene expression profiles found in normal conditions was retained during pathologic remodeling. Cumulatively, our findings identify SMA+ and PDGFR+ cells as two separate lineages with distinct gene expression profile in adult lungs. SOURCE: Leigh Marsh Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Lung Vascular Research

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