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GSE154964: Transcriptome map of cancerous and para-cancerous tissues in patients with liver hepatocellular carcinoma

Bulk RNA sequencing

To validate CXCL12 and IL7R expression between cancerous and paracancerous, five cancer and five paracancerous tissueswihch were obtained from five LIHC patients undergoing liver cancer surgery at the Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospitalwere performed RNA-seq. The RNA-seq data showed a significant difference in CXCL12 expression between cancerous and paracancerous tissues (p =0.04), as well as the IL7R expression (p<0.01). There was also a significant difference between cancerous and paracancerous samples in NK cells (resting) (p = 0.0014), M1 macrophages (p = 0.0058), CD8+ T cells (p = 0.0026), and Tregs (p = 0.0015) in the immunocyte infiltration analysis. SOURCE: Ke He Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital

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