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GSE130054: Priming mobilization of hair follicle stem cells triggers permanent loss of regeneration after alkylating chemotherapy

Bulk RNA sequencing

The maintenance of genetic integrity is critical for stem cells to ensure homeostasis and regeneration. Little is known about how adult stem cells respond to irreversible DNA damage, resulting in loss of regeneration in humans. Here, we establish a permanent regeneration loss model using cycling human hair follicles treated with alkylating agents: busulfan followed by cyclophosphamide. We unravel the underlying mechanisms by which hair follicle stem cells (HFSCs) lose their pool. Contrary to immediate destructive changes in rapidly proliferating hair matrix cells, quiescent HFSCs show unexpected massive proliferation after busulfan and then undergo large-scale apoptosis following cyclophosphamide. HFSC proliferation is activated through PI3K/Akt pathway, and depletion is driven by p53/p38-induced cell death. RNA-seq analysis shows that HFSCs experience mitotic catastrophe with G2/M checkpoint activation. Our findings indicate that priming mobilization causes stem cells to lose their resistance to DNA damage, resulting in permanent loss of regeneration after alkylating chemotherapy. SOURCE: Jin Yong Kim ( - Seoul National University College of Medicine

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