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GSE152999: Induced organoids derived from patients with ulcerative colitis recapitulate the colitic reactivity

Bulk RNA sequencing

We report the application of single nucleus RNA-seq technology for transcriptomic-wide profiling of the induced organoids derived from patients with ulcerative colitis (iHUCO) and normal induced organoids derived from the healthy colon (iHNO), along with their parental fibroblasts. By comapring the nucleus profiles of both iHUCOs and their parental fibroblasts (UC FBs) to iHNOs and normal fibroblasts (NL FBs), we found unique signatures exclusive to the UC samples but not the controls. We also report that UC FBs and iHUCOs share the layers of similarities in their single nucleus profile. This study provides a framework for the application of the induced patient-derived organoids as a more comprehensive model to study human UC. SOURCE: Bo Hu ( - Cleveland Clinic

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