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GSE151237: On the NF-Y regulome as in ENCODE (2019)

Bulk RNA sequencing

The ongoing ENCODE consortium represents a useful compendium of locations of TFs, chromatin marks, gene expression data. In previous reports, we identified modules of CCAAT-binding NF-Y with individual TFs. Here, we analyzed all 363 factors currently present: 68 with enrichment of CCAAT in their locations, 38 with overlap of peaks. New sequence-specific TFs, co-activators and co-repressors are reported. Co-association patterns correspond to specific targeted genes categorizations and gene expression changes, as assessed by RNA-seq after NF-Y inactivation. These data widen and better define a coherent model of synergy of NF-Y with selected groups of TFs and cofactors. SOURCE: Diletta Dolfini ( - University of Milan

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