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GSE58524: Allelic imbalance is a prevalent and tissue-specific feature of the mouse transcriptome

Bulk RNA sequencing

We perform a systematic classification of allelic imbalance in mouse hybrids derived from reciprocal crosses of divergent strains. We observe that deviation from balanced biallelic expression is common, occurring in ~20% of the mouse transcriptome. Allelic imbalance attributed to genotype is by far the most prevalent class and typically is tissue-specific. However, some genotype-based imbalance is maintained across tissues and is associated with greater genetic variation, especially in 5 and 3 termini of transcripts. We further identify novel random monoallelic and imprinted genes, and find that genotype can compete with parental origin even in the setting of large imprinted regions. SOURCE: Stefan,F,PinterJeannie Lee Laboratory HHMI, Massachsetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

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