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GSE153012: GPR35 mediates lysophosphatidic acid-signaling in bone marrow-derived macrophages at the transcriptional level

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: Our previous experiments showed that LPA activated inhibitory G-protein signaling in human GPR35-transfected cells. We wanted to test the LPA signaling in presence or absence of GPR35.; Methods: We isolated RNA from bone-marrow derived macrophages (BMDMs) from WT or GPR35-deficient mice that were treated with LPA or LPS, and left untreated for control.; Results: We have found that GPR35-deficiency alters the transcriptional profiles in response to LPA in BMDMs. On the other hand, LPS-treated WT and GPR35-deficient BMDMs showed similar transcriptional changes.; Conclusion: GPR35-deficientcy alters the LPA but not LPS signaling. SOURCE: Florian Geier ( - University of Basel

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