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GSE120084: Macrophage Ad5f35 PhenoMap

Bulk RNA sequencing

Human monocyte derived macrophages (GM-CSF differentiated) were stimulated with control media, IFNy/LPS (M1), IL4 (M2), empty vector Ad5f35 (MOI 1000), or anti-HER2 CAR Ad5f35 (MOI 1000). RNA was harvested 48 hours post transduction with Ambion RiboPure RNA Purification Kit (Thermo Fisher) and RNA-Seq libraries were generated using TruSeq RNA Library Prep Kit (Illumina). Libraries were sequenced on 75bp single-end reads using a NextSeq (Illumina). SOURCE: Paul,Zhiping,Wang ( - Bioinformatics Core, IBI, UPen

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