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GSE60585: Integrator complex regulates NELF-mediated RNA Polymerase II pause/release and processivity at coding genes [RNA-seq]

Bulk RNA sequencing

RNAPII pausing/termination shortly after initiation is a hallmark of gene regulation. However, the molecular mechanisms involved are still to be uncovered. Here, we show that NELF interacts with Integrator complex subunits (INTScom) forming a stable complex with RNPII and Spt5. The interaction between NELF and INTScom subunits is RNA and DNA independent. Using both HIV-1 promoter and genome wide analyses, we demonstrate that Integrator subunits specifically control NELF-mediated RNAPII pause/release at coding genes. The strength of RNAPII pausing is determined by the nature of the NELF-associated complex. Interestingly, in addition to controlling RNAPII pause release INTS11 catalytic subunit of the INTScom is required for the synthesis of full length mRNA. Finally, INTScom-target genes are enriched in HIV-1 TAR/ NELF-binding element and in a 3box sequence required for snRNA biogenesis. Revealing these unexpected functions of INTScom in regulating RNAPII pausing/release and completion of mRNA synthesis of NELF-target genes will contribute to our understanding of the gene expression cycle. SOURCE: Olivier CuvierChromatin Dynamics & Cell proliferation CNRS

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