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GSE114855: Branched chain amino acids impact health and lifespan indirectly via amino acid balance and appetite control

Bulk RNA sequencing

Elevated branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are associated with obesity and insulin resistance. How long-term dietary BCAAs impact late-life health and lifespan is unknown. Here, we show that when dietary BCAAs are varied against a fixed, isocaloric macronutrient background, long-term exposure to high BCAA diets led to hyperphagia, obesity and reduced lifespan. These effects were not due to elevated BCAA per se or hepatic mTOR activation, but rather the shift in balance between dietary BCAAs and other AAs, notably tryptophan and threonine. Increasing the ratio of BCAAs to these AAs resulted in hyperphagia and was linked to central serotonin depletion. Preventing hyperphagia by calorie restriction or pair-feeding averted the health costs of a high BCAA diet. Our data highlight a role for amino acid quality in energy balance and show that health costs of chronic high BCAA intakes were not due to intrinsic toxicity; rather, to hyperphagia driven by AA imbalance. SOURCE: Qiao-Ping Wang ( - Functional Genomics University of Sydney

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