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GSE151119: RNA-seq analysis of HSF1 knockout on LiCl treatment

Bulk RNA sequencing

Heat shock transcription factor 1(HSF1) is an important transcription factor which regulates the expression of a wide array of genes including heat shock proteins and oncogenes. Here, we report that HSF1 as a target of WNT/-catenin signaling, regulates parts of target genes of WNT/-catenin signaling. To explore the biological relevance of HSF1 activation to WNT/-catenin signaling, we profiled gene expression of wild type mouse embryonic fibroblasts (WT MEF) and HSF1 knock out MEF (HSF1 KO MEF) before and after lithium chloride (LiCl) treatment which was a potent GSK3 inhibitor and increased the expression of -catenin. SOURCE: Ping Song ( - Zhejiang University School of Medicine

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