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GSE114509: RNA-seq of the lacrimal gland epithelial tissue in control vs Pea3-depleted tissue in mouse embyro

Bulk RNA sequencing

The goal of the study is to find the transcriptional targets downstream of Pea3-mediated signaling in the lacrimal gland epithelium. In order to look for the potential targets, we performed laser capture microdissection of the lacrimal gland epithelial tissue at embryonic day E14.5 from control embryos as well as mutant embryos containing epithelium-specific deletion of Pea3. After tissue harvest, RNA was extracted. Conversion to cDNA as well as amplification was performed by Clontech SMART-seq v4 Ultra low input RNA kit, as well as cDNA library construction was performed using Nextera XT DNA library preparation kit by core facility at Columbia university prior to RNA sequencing. After preparation of cDNA library, each sample was sequenced using Illumina platform. SOURCE: Xin Zhang ( - Columbia University

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