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GSE152962: The heterogeneity of NKT cells in the liver revealed by single-cell RNA sequencing

Bulk RNA sequencing

CD1d-dependent type I NKT cells, which are activated by lipid antigen, are known to play important roles in innate and adaptive immunity, as are a portion of type II NKT cells. However, the heterogeneity of NKT cells, especially NKT-like cells, remains largely unknown. Here, we report the profiling of NKT (NK1.1+CD3+) cells in livers from wild type (WT), J18-deficient and CD1d-deficient mice by single-cell RNA sequencing. Unbiased transcriptional clustering revealed distinct cell subsets. The transcriptomic profiles identified the well-known CD1d-dependent NKT cells and defined two CD1d-independent NKT cell subsets. Additionally, validation of marker genes revealed the differential organ distributions and landscape of NKT cell subsets during liver tumor progression. More importantly, we found that CD1d-independent Sca-1-CD62L+ NKT cells show a strong ability to secrete IFN- after costimulation with IL-2, IL-12 and IL-18 in vitro. Collectively, our findings provide a comprehensive characterization of NKT cell heterogeneity and unveil a previously undefined functional NKT cell subset. SOURCE: Chan Gu ( - Sichuan University

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