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GSE143698: Hyperactive platelets promote aberrant Tfh cell response and disrupt immune homeostasis

Bulk RNA sequencing

We unexpectedly found that platelet specific PTEN deletion mice exhibited spontaneous severe lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly. Further study showed that the unrestricted expansion of follicular T help cells and germinal center B cells is the cause of sustained germinal center response, follicular cell hyperplasia and autoimmune disease. RNA-Seq and cytokines array experiments demonstrated that the constant release of Il6, Il9, Il17, Il21 and IFN from PTEN deficient platelets is probably responsible for the excessive activation of follicular T help cells, thereby causing the overproliferation of germinal center B cells. We further found that PTEN deficiency caused a large amount of platelet accumulation in lymph nodes and that PTEN deficiency might promote a-granules release by enhancing phosphorylation of Akt and Snap23 in platelets. SOURCE: chen xue ( - shanghai university

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