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GSE136220: Single-cell transcriptomics reveals temporal dynamics of critical regulators of germ cell fate during mouse sex determination

Bulk RNA sequencing

Despite the importance of germ cell differentiation for sexual reproduction, gene networks underlying their fate remain unclear. Here, we describe a comprehensive characterization of gene expression dynamics during sex determination based on single-cell RNA sequencing on 14,750 XX and XY mouse germ cells between embryonic days 10.5 and 16.5. By computational gene regulation inference analysis, we identified sex-specific, sequential waves of master regulator genes during germ cells differentiation and unveiled that the meiotic initiator Stra8 is regulated by positive and negative master regulators acting in an antagonistic fashion. Consistent with the importance of the somatic environment, we found that rare adrenal germ cells exhibit delayed meiosis and display altered expression of master genes controlling the female and male genetic programs. Our study provides a molecular roadmap of germ cell sex determination at single-cell resolution will serve as a valuable resource for future studies of gonad development, function and disease. SOURCE: Chloe MAYERE ( - UNIGE

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