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GSE134916: Next Generation Sequencing unveils the difference between human TR3-56 cells from healthy and T1D subjects

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: The goal of this study was the transcriptome high-throughput data analysis of TR3-56 cells isolated from peripheral blood of healthy and T1D subjects; Methods: total RNA profile of human TR3-56 cells from healthy and T1D subjects (1. Healthy Subject, 2.Healthy Subject, 3.Healthy Subject; 4. T1D subject, 5. T1D subject, 6. T1D subject; deeep sequencing, using Ovation SoLo RNA-seq Library Preparation KIt (NuGen), Library were prepared for sequencing on NextSeq 500 (llumina technology); Results: Principal component analysis and unsupervised clustering showed that TR3-56 cells from healthy donors are transcriptionally different from TR3-56 cells isolated from T1D subjects.; Conclusions: Several genes are differently regulated between TR3-56 cells from T1D and healthy donors. SOURCE: Mario Galgani ( - IEOS Istituto per l'endocrinologia e l'oncologia sperimentale

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