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GSE149716: Loss of cyclin A2 in murine colonic epithelial cells disrupts colon homeostasis by triggering DNA damage and dysplasia and high cyclin A2 expression is a good-prognosis factor in patients with colorectal cancer

Bulk RNA sequencing

To clarify the function of cyclin A2 in colon homeostasis and colorectal cancer (CRC) we generated mice deficient for cyclin A2 in colonic epithelial cells (CEC). Colons of those mice displayed architectural changes in the mucosa, and signs of inflammation as well as an increased proliferation of CEC associated with the appearance of low- and high-grade dysplasia. The main initial events triggering those alterations in cyclin A2 deficient CEC appear to be abnormal mitoses and DNA damage. Cyclin A2 deletion in CEC promoted the development of dysplasia and adenocarcinomas in the murine colitis-associated cancer model. SOURCE: Quentin Da Costa Institut Paoli-Calmettes

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